I'm a pretty average 15 year old guy with an attempt of a cool blog.

I also really love Taylor Swift and Lorde.

Anonymous said: favourite singers/bands?

Taylor Swift has been my favorite for so many years and I love her so so so much and I also consider her a role model and i cry everyday because she’s my idol and amazes me everyday and I’ve never gotten to see her live ouch

Lorde is such an amazing, original, and talented artist and I love her to death.

Lana del Rey slays my life.

5sos and the 1975 or arctic monkeys are probe my fave bands. I know most of these are mainstream which apparently this website hates but idc i love them

I also really love this girl Zella Day you should deff check her out!

Btw if you got any like music you can recommend please do because I need more music!